Nura's Crafting Services

Nura is available to craft magic items for your adventuring needs!

Terms: you pay for costs/materials (50% of the base enchantment price plus any other components required, e.g. masterwork armour/weapons to enchant) plus Nura’s commission (generally 20% of base price; 10% for communal items that benefit the whole party e.g. Folding Boat).

For most items this means you’ll pay 70% of the base prices listed below.

Time requirements default to 1 day/1000 gp base price if working in town, 4 days/1000 gp while on the road. For easier items she can halve the crafting time by taking a +5 to Spellcraft DC.

Prerequisites: Nura has Scribe Scroll, Craft Magic Arms & Armor, and Craft Wondrous Items. She has Spellcraft +13, which will increase to +14 as soon as she has four days to make herself an Int booster. This means that by taking 10, she can make items with a DC 24 or less; items that would have DC 19 or less can be made at double speed.

Please note:

Except for potions, scrolls, and wands, caster level listed in item description is NOT a prereq for making the item, it just determines things like range/power/etc. of the item. Nura can make items with CL higher than her own level.

Most of the listed requirements for creating magic items (race, alignment, spell prereqs, …) can be bypassed with good Spellcraft, which Nura has. The only “hard prerequisites” for enchanting items are the relevant Craft feats; other than that, if you can afford it, Nura can probably make it.

Some options that may be attractive (listed with base cost, will usually be discounted 30% from these numbers):

Magic armour: base cost 1k for +1, 4k for +2, 9k for +3, and so on. You need to provide the masterwork armour. Special armour enchants also available: Glamered, Slick, Shadow, Energy Resistance, etc.

Magic weapons: base cost 2k for +1, 8k for +2, 18k for +3, etc. Can also apply enchants such as Flaming, Frost, Shock, Bane, etc. You provide the masterwork weapon.

Stat boosts (belt for Str, Dex, and/or Con, headband for Int/Wis/Cha): base 4k GP for +2 to one stat, 16k for +4, 36k for +6. Multiply by 2.5 for an item that boosts two stats, or by 4 to boost all three physical or all three mental stats. Int boosts also provide points in a relevant skill. Strongly recommended!

Amulet of Natural Armor: 2k gp for +1 AC, 8k for +2, etc. This is more expensive than armour enchants, but it’s natural armour so it stacks with most things.

Bag of Holding: you know what this is. Base cost 2.5k-10k gp depending on capacity. Void if used with Portable Hole etc. Handy Haversack (2k gp) is an excellent budget version which stores 120 lbs of gear and always has the thing you need on top.

Bag of Tricks: throw random animals at people. Great for providing an instant flanking bonus. 3.4k-16k GP depending on power.

Boat, Folding: 7.2k gp. Might be useful as a shared party item?

Boots of Speed: 12k GP. _Haste yourself 10 rounds/day as a free action.

Boots of Striding and Springing: 5.5k GP. +10 enhancement bonus to base speed, +5 bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Bracers of Archery, Lesser: base 5k GP. Grant proficiency with any bow (not crossbows), or +1 competence bonus to attack rolls if already proficient.

Bracers of Armor: like magical armour, without the armour, but with the plusses.

Circlet of Persuasion: 4.5k gp, +3 competence bonus to Charisma-based checks.

Cloak of Elvenkind: 2.5k gp, +5 competence to Stealth checks. No, Nura’s not an elf, but she read a book about them once.

Cloak of Resistance: 1k gp for +1 to all saves, 4k for +2, etc. Might just save your life.

Efficient Quiver: 1.8k gp. Like a Bag of Holding but for arrows and javelins.

Elixir of Hiding: 250 gp. +10 to Stealth checks for one hour!

Elixir of Love: listed here only to note that I am not making this for any of you. Don’t even ask.

Eversmoking Bottle: 5.4k gp. Creates a big cloud of smoke that totally blocks vision. Could be useful?

Glove of Storing: 10k gp. Lets you hide an item weighing no more than 20 pounds.

Hat of Disguise: 1.8k gp. It’s a hat that disguises you.

Horn of Fog: 2k gp, creates a thick mist.

Horseshoes of Speed: 3k gp, boosts your horse’s speed by 30’.

Ioun Stones: 4k-40k gp depending on effect. Whirl a magic rock around your head for buffs!

Pearl of Power: 1k gp for level 1, 4k for level 2, etc. Recall spells already cast (not for spontaneous casting classes).

Rope of Climbing: 3k gp. Magic climby rope.

Slippers of Spider Climbing: 4.8k gp. Climb on walls and ceilings.

Nura's Crafting Services

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