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This is the Twin Kingdoms

Much historical information was lost about a thousand years ago is what is referred to as “The War of the Gods”.

Prior to this time, Magic was relatively common and adventuring parties were frequent as they explored the boundaries of the known world. Details of what happened at that time are sketchy, but what is known is that Magic became much harder and much rarer after that time, and something changed within all races such that adventurers became rare.

At the time of the War, what is now known as the Twin Kingdoms were ruled by a single figure, King Da’enor of Mastere. It was his decision to split the Human lands into two separate Kingdoms as governing the lands with a greatly reduced availability of magic was exceedingly difficult. On his death the lands were split with the Northern Kingdom being given into the hands of his eldest son Domur, while the Southern Kingdom went to his youngest son Dravid. Both of the new Kings were given the opportunity to name their new lands after themselves, but both refused the honour, saying they were merely holding the lands temporarily, until the return of Magic allowed the kingdoms to be joined together once more.

That dream has not been realised as over the centuries the level of Magic in the Kingdoms has lessened even further. There has been talk in recent times of splitting the kingdoms again as distance had made ruling such large realms difficult.


The Northern Kingdom (or Norland as it’s usually referred as) extends from the Hadric Wall in the north down approximately 1000 miles to the Majestic River in the south. The Southern Kingdom (or Suthlun) starts on the southern side of the Majestic River and extends about 850 miles south down to the northern edge of the Forest of the Elves. It is unknown to any except the Elves how far south the Forest extends.

The Human Kingdoms and the Forest of the Elves are bounded by the ocean to the East, and the mountain range, known as the Spine of the World, to the West.

King Teleric of Norland is in his late 50s, and still in good health, while King Melinar is only 24 after the passing of his father, the late King Lindon last year.

People of the Land

Humans can be found throughout the Twin Kingdoms, along with Gnomes and Halflings. The Orc Tribes of the Frozen Wasteland live north of the Hadric Wall, The Dwarves predominately live in the Spine of the World, and the Elves claim the southern forest as their own.


Before the “War of the Gods” adventurers were common, and adventuring parties greatly extended the boundaries of knowledge. However, since that time they have almost disappeared.

Most Humans rarely travel more than 50 miles from where they were born. Most consider travelling the 30 miles or so to the next town or village an adventure, and very few even go that far. The other races are similar, and even the Elves as the most travelled race find travelling unusual.

Periodically a group of individuals will develop into an adventuring party. No one is sure what the catalyst for these groups forming is, but in each case the individuals will suddenly develop skills and abilities beyond the normal, and will feel the need to travel. Once one such group has formed, other similar groups will form across the entire breadth of the Twin Kingdoms for a short period of time.

However, once those groups are finished with their adventuring life, there will be no more adventurers for quite some time. Time between such occurrences tends to be measured in generations.

Those in authority, both political and spiritual, agree that the lack of that spark is a serious issue and the spark must be allowed the opportunity to grow if people are to once again take an active part in the world. To that end, the Adventurer’s Guild exists.

In each reasonable sized settlement there exists the Adventurer’s Guildhall. The front doors of each Guildhall are magically bound and remain locked unless the spark is active in the world.

At the current point in time, it has been almost 50 years since the Guildhall doors were last open.

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