The Twin Kingdoms

It's Fire, And It's Friendly

We came to a junction in the sewers, and left Zakaroth to guard our exit route while we explored the left-hand corridor. It was heavily littered with spiderwebs, but they all looked to be pretty old. Chrysta wanted to set fire to them, but we overruled her.

This branch of the tunnel ended abruptly at a point where the roof had collapsed, so we headed back to the junction and went on ahead. As we proceeded we began to notice a nasty, rotten sort of smell. Soon we met the cause: a pack of ghouls.

I’ve heard that ghouls sometimes know unspeakable secrets from before the dawn of humanity, which might be interesting just for curiosity’s sake, but if they had any unspeakable secrets they weren’t talking about them. Instead, they charged at us and attempted to eat us all. Not surprising, but disappointing. Anyway, Faye and Chrysta got stuck into them, Chrysta with the hammer that I’ve been enchanting for her, and I summoned up a celestial wolverine. Chrysta took a few hits and was briefly paralysed, but my wolverine killed the last of her assailants and then charged up the corridor to look for more.

We heard sounds of fighting up ahead, and then the spell winked out. Chrysta had a budget version of my Invisibility spell, useful only against undead, but in this case that seemed good enough; she healed the wounded and then cloaked Vall to go scout.

He reported that the wolverine appeared to have killed four more of the undead, but a group of four ghouls and four ghasts remained.

We planned an ambush, but not quite carefully enough. Vall successfully snuck around to the back of the group before realising that if he did break his invisibility by attacking, he would be taking on several attackers alone. I tried to give him some support by summoning a second wolverine to back him up (or perhaps it was the same one again?) but it was mobbed by the nasty smelly critters and didn’t last long to do much.

My flaming sphere proved more successful, and Chrysta was able to rout some of the undead by offering to talk to them about Pharasma. The rest were mobbing Faye and Chrysta so I took advantage of their clustering to cook several of them with a spray of fire. Unfortunately I also caught Chrysta in the flames, and she wasn’t very happy about it, but I figured she’d prefer good clean magical burns to nasty dirty ghoul scratches and bites.

Hmm. Perhaps I should offer her a discount on armour fireproofing?

We clobbered the remaining ghouls while Faye flailed ineffectually, and our heroism was rewarded when we found a good sum of gems among their effects. I’d estimate about six thousand gold’s worth.

And then we decided to withdraw for a night’s rest, since several of my companions were battered and Chrysta and I were low on magic.

Shiny points: 18 carried over, +1 for summary, -1 for a reroll = 18.



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