The War of the Gods

Recently revealed to the party:

A thousand years ago Rovagug the Destroyer escaped from his containment within the realm, and a great battle was fought between him and the combined forces of the other gods. Several gods were severely wounded in the carnage, and melded themselves into hybrid forms to ensure their existence. Ultimately Nethys, god of Magic, sacrificed his presence in this world to slay Rovagug once and for all; Nethys is now lost to us, located somewhere known only as “beyond the divide”

Gods accounted for:

Rovagug, the Destroyer

Removed from this realm
Nethys, God of Magic – residing beyond the divide

Remaining and Intact
Cayden Caliean
Zon Kuthon

Hybrid gods
Pharas-Calis’ir _ (Hybrid of Pharasma, Calistria and Irori)_
Tor’Saren (Hybrid of Torag and Sarenrae)

The War of the Gods

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