The Town of Callech is a reasonable sized small town of about 500 humans (plus Halflings), plus more if you count the outlying farms. Callech’s economy is based around farming (mostly food crops as the town is in prime growing area) and mining (from a large copper and tin deposit a short distance to the south east). The majority of the technical expertise for the mine is provided by the Dwarves who have a semi-permanent settlement as part of the mine, though the majority of the manual labour is provided for by the town itself. Profits from the mine are split 50/50 between the village council and the dwarven clan.

The town is in the south eastern quadrant of the Southern Kingdom. Far enough east that more people have seen the Mountains than have seen the sea, but not far enough east for many people to have seen the mountains. The majority of the land to the north, east and west is farmed land, with small patches of light forest between the various holdings. To the south the forest is more dense and less fertile, so most of that land is not farmed and is instead used for hunting. The land to the south east is rocky and seems to be an outcropping of the foothills of the mountains far to the east.

From the character’s point of view, the town is very peaceful. This is because the town guard and those in charge are very good at making sure the troubles they deal with do not trouble the town necessarily Everyone tries to be safe at home or in town after dark, and no one travels alone if they can help it, especially not at night.

Like all children, there are all the stories of the goblins and demons and all that rot, but it’s all just stories, aren’t they? :)

The town is on a small river, which is used for much irrigation in the area. The river starts much distance to the east in the mountains, and occasionally small flecks of Gold are found. The river is navigable for a small distance further east, and the entire distance to the west to the sea, apart from a few sets of rapids at various points that are gone around. Fishing is a common past time in Callech.

Most of the people who live in the town were born there.

Most people do not travel. There are a number of people who travel as part of their work. The Miners do, people who run the transportation networks (road and river), etc. If people are required to travel (ie work, family commitments, etc) they will travel. There just doesn’t seem to be a “want” to travel in most people. Wanderlust just doesn’t tend to be a thing.

Most of the people not born in the town are those who were visiting due to work, etc, and fell in love and stayed, or it was an arranged marriage, or something like that. But, for the most part, the people living in the town are the great-great-great-whatever descendent of the people who used to live in the town.

As kids, everyone says they are going to travel lots when they get older. It just tends to fade by the time they can travel, and they have to deal with the realities of adult life.

The area immediately surrounding the town in all directions is farm land, it’s about 10 miles until you start getting to the forest sections, and even that is only small pockets. To the south, the forest starts about 5 miles away. The mine and the more rugged terrain around it is about 15 miles away to the south east.

(This is working on the basis that a single days ride on a reasonable horse is about 30 miles. This is taken from the Pathfinder main rules. For the most part, getting to any of the forest area is a significant part of the day for most people.)

For those from the town family may be farmers, miners or part of the support network in the village (scribes, innkeepers, merchants, hunters, crafters, transport workers, that sort of thing.)

In human society If an unmarried woman has a child, the child inherits the mother’s surname. An unmarried woman having a child is frowned on, but more from the point of view that she will need someone to look after her in childbirth and for a period afterwards. The general thought is that it’s not fair to mother or child if she’s not being looked after properly during that time. If she has a support network capable of looking after her (eg extended family, etc), then there’s no problem there.

In the human culture, both men and women work, but women tend to have jobs they can do at home (crafts, etc) while the men are more likely to take work that will take the out of the home. Most medical professionals tend to be women. In large places, if there isn’t a male doctor/nurse/midwife around, there will tend to be a trained male medical assistant to provide the extra strength when required.

There is a tanning works in town that processes a lot of the skins the local hunters bring in.

At the end of their adventuring career, it is entirely likely that Callech and the surrounding area will be made into a Duchy and granted to one or more of the player characters that survive.

In Callech, there are temples to:

  • Erasil as God of farming, hunting, trade and family;
  • Iomedae in her aspect of Goddess of justice;
  • Pharasma in her aspect of Goddess of birth;

There is a small shrine to Gozreh just outside of town dedicated to the Male Aspect of the Nature of the Land.

The Tavern in town is called the Drunken Hero, and is named after Cayden Cailean and is considered a Temple to him. The Tavern Keeper is a Priest of Cayden Cailean.

There are worshippers of most of the other Gods and Goddesses in Callech, some more open about who they worship than others.


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