The Twin Kingdoms

A Walk In The Black Forest

We stayed for the funerals of the four killed by the will-o-the-wisps, and Faye decided to write a song for the occasion. I suppose she means well. (Hopefully? it’s possible?) The rest of us loomed over her a bit during the creative process to ensure she didn’t get out of hand.

Further pondering: Desna, the god of travel, is one of those who was severely wounded and amalgamated. Hence, presumably, the general reduced interest in travelling?

After the funerals – of which I won’t write here – we took the Junior Heroes with us and set off northwards, heading across country to find more portal stones on our way back to the capital.

In three days we travelled perhaps a hundred miles, which took us as far as the last farm. Past that was old forest, and the road had long since fallen into disuse.

We made our way cautiously, and so we were able to notice a smell of rotting flesh, and some suspicious-looking vines, before we came into range. We skirted around them and avoided conflict, for now, but I don’t know how long that luck will continue; we told the Junior Heroes that nobody is to wander off alone.

Chrysta started ranting about trees and how they should all be destroyed with fire. Some sort of dwarvish thing?

On our fourth day in the forest we found an old wall by the edge of the road; it was mostly intact, if a bit weathered and badly overgrown. We identified it as high-quality dwarvish workmanship, and on searching we realised we’d found an old settlement, all built in old dwarvish style. Eventually we found a portal stone in a central building, and referencing against my notes we identified the settlement as Nog Badir.

We also found something rather disconcerting: about a hundred petrified dwarves, the old kind, with looks of terror on their face. It seems their souls were displaced at the time of the Great Unpleasantness – so where did they end up?

With that question in mind, none of us was particularly eager to sleep there, so we used the portal stone to get back to civilisation for the night. (I still find this mode of exploration very strange – one moment we’re out in the wilds where perhaps nobody has ventured in a thousand years, the next we’re back in the comforts of home.)

We returned in the morning with a few more minions, and Chrysta scanned for undead – nothing. Well, wherever those spirits have gone, I hope they’re at peace.

From there we continued north; after two days’ further travel the forest began to thin out, getting somewhat dryer. We found another building, also long abandoned, though not as well made as the first. When Chrysta found there was a basement, OF COURSE she wanted to explore it, and we agreed because there’d be no peace otherwise. And that’s when we noticed the smell of goblins…

Shiny points: 21 carried over, +1 for summary = 22.

Won't O' The Wisps

Anne liked the gloves. At least I assume she did, from her reaction.

We spent some time in the capital. I’ve figured out how to modify the haversack enchantment to make larger extradimensional bags, and I’ve crafted one large enough to hold five hundred pounds worth of gear. Unfortunately it’s a bit too heavy for me to carry comfortably, but Faye doesn’t mind.

In between working on that project, I checked up on some points of historical curiosity. Two millennia ago, wars were commonplace in this land, but they petered out about five to seven centuries before the Cataclysm, give or take some frictions with the orcs. I asked Vall and Faye to investigate this in the Divine City, and Chrysta also had business there.

Faye spoke to Cayden, and Vall to Calistria/Pharasma; neither were eager to talk about it, but eventually Pharasma told Vall that Goram had caused the Cataclysm. His power had been waning, and he released Rovagug in the hope of triggering new conflict; after the gods dealt with Rovagug, at great cost to themselves, they chained Goram and sealed his temple. He will not be released again, they say. I certainly hope so.

We were eager to visit home, and we did so with some of the Junior Heroes in tow: Anne, Drupatha (dwarf bard), Debil (halfling sorcerer), and two of the Legitimate Businesschildren. The rest of our group travelled upriver by boat from Vallaise to Prudence to Tremayne, then by another boat up to Callech, activating the portal stones as they went; I stayed in my quarters, finishing off some work on a pair of boots for myself, and then used the newly-activated portals to catch up with them.

While we were in Tremayne, Galath arrived, and was very pleased to see us. Apparently he had sent a message to say that several of the town’s youth had gone missing. We hadn’t received the message, so it was fortunate that we’d arrived so soon.

Heading upriver, we met with our old friend the water elemental, which is significantly larger than last time – I’m glad we came to an amicable arrangement with it! The goblin cave was empty.

Despite the circumstances, it felt good to be back in Callech; I couldn’t spend my life cooped up in this town, but there are so many familiar faces her, friends and family. Life has gone on in our absence; the new temple of Pharasma is up, and Vall’s family have been growing up. His middle child has become a ranger, and it appears his wife also has the spark. My family are all well, and they were glad to hear of my great-uncle’s prominence back in the capital.

Galath was concerned that the portal stones might undercut his business, which they certainly could (despite Faye’s attempts to reassure him to the contrary). However, to my great surprise, the only folk who seem interested in using them are those with the spark; the others remain homebodies, even when there are obvious economic advantages to such a capability.

Galath, however, enjoys the trading life… hmm.

We took Galath to the Adventurers’ Guild, and as I had suspected, the orb glowed very brightly at his touch. Well, I suppose that offers him a new career?

We found Callech’s portal stone in the pub, which used to be the old town hall. As with so many other places, the town has shrunk; since the Catastrophe there are fewer urban centres than there were, with people moving out to farming locations and smaller populations overall. In hindsight this makes sense; Eristil and Abaddar, gods of families and cities, were badly injured in the war with Abaddar almost destroyed, and they were forced to merge into a single deity.

But we had a job to do. Four people had gone missing in a short period of time, and it didn’t seem like ordinary adolescent recklessness. The latest victim had left home for a short walk to her work, and disappeared in broad daylight.

Although it had happened a couple of days before, Vall’s wife was able to find some tracks. Partway along, they veered off the path into a patch that was much swampier than I remembered it being, and foggier too. I’d guess that the local bedrock has shifted (cross-reference: that nasty business with the basilisks) and water from the river is seeping into the ground here.

Chrysta picked up the presence of evil: nearby, two creatures which promptly attacked us. I believe they’re called will-o-wisps, little glowing balls of light that hit Faye and Chrysta hard with nasty electric shocks. They were very fast and hard to hit, and the situation seemed quite dangerous.

I caste a haste spell on all of us, then strengthened Faye. She and Vall managed to kill one of the creatures with much flailing about; Chrysta hit another with her hammer (I’ll take some credit for enchanting it!) and then summoned a demon.

…yes, a demon. Apparently Ms “don’t even THINK about a minor necromantic spell” has no qualms about summoning actual literal demons. Honestly.

I summoned a swarm of bats to get stuck into the remaining will-o-wisp. I figured it couldn’t dodge all of them, and if it tried to escape by dimming its light they would still be able to find it. However, it didn’t get time; having cast my spell I waved my dagger to threaten and distract it, giving Faye an opening to deliver a final blow.

In the swamp we found four dead bodies. Poor kids. At least we appear to have avenged them, but I’m concerned by the increase in monster attacks (see again: basilisks) and rather puzzled by where they could be coming from. Have such creatures really been hiding for so long? Or is there some sort of spontaneous generation going on?

Note to self: next time we visit the Divine City, perhaps we should ask about what Lamashtu’s been up to.

Shiny points: 20 carried over, +1 for summary = 21.

Looting the Sinkhole

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fearsome monster in possession of a good fortune must be in need of heroic adventurers to relieve it of its material burdens. And so, having slain the spectral menaces, we turned to looting the room, impeded somewhat by the water that was still bucketing down from the ceiling.

We could see the water pouring from a pipe above. Our best guess was that the pipe had cracked at some point, and the resulting leakage had washed out the ceiling, causing a large chunk of the graveyard to collapse into the chamber. This had separated some of the bodies from their effects, which led to a brief and mutually satisfactory exercise in rationalisation on how it wasn’t grave robbing to take said effects.

We found some extremely old swords (Vall kept a hilt; the rest crumbled away) and two breastplates that were rather better preserved, but more valuable as collectors’ items than as practical armour, both with a device that turned out to be the old mon’Valla family crest. We also found some old coins – about eight hundred years old, in fact – also worth more to a collector than their face value.

After this, we decided to investigate the hole in the ceiling. Vall climbed up first, then Faye, and they pulled me and Chrysta up on a rope. Chrysta noticed some very old masonry, and tree roots in the dirt, probably the cause of the damaged pipe.

Chrysta wanted to investigate the pipes, but none of the rest of us were very keen on crawling down a narrow damp space. Instead we made our way to the surface. We found a forested area, badly overgrown – presumably part of the old city, before the town shrank. At this point I still wasn’t sure which phase we might be in, so I cast a flight spell and flew back to the town, confirming that it was as I remembered it. I returned to the group and we walked back to town to rest overnight.

We returned to the sewers the next day, Junior Minions in tow, to check whether the problem had been adequately dealt with. There were a few wandering skeletons, easily dealt with, and nothing more; barring further trouble, I think we can consider this resolved.

Now that we had more time, we checked through the main chamber more thoroughly. There were outflow pipes in the pool, but all were blocked up – well, that’s what water elementals are for. Chrysta and I summoned some little splashy minions, they unclogged one of the pipes, and the water drained out.

In the remaining muck we found several bones – probably about enough to assemble four or five skeletons with a few extra skulls. Chrysta glared at me when I suggested piling the bones up in an aesthetically pleasing pattern – look, not all found-object art is inherently evil, dammit!

We also found some coins (which we shared with Junior Minions) and a couple of nice magic items. There was a ring of invisibility, which no doubt Vall will cherish, and an amulet of punching things really hard. While I daresay it would have come in handy when Faye snores, we decided it would be more useful to Junior Adventurer Ann, the monk. So we have decided to donate it to charity.

(also, Ann is kind of cute, in a stern-and-serious sort of way, but don’t tell her I said that.)

Shiny points: 19 carried over, +1 for summary = 20.

Mist and Shadows

When we returned to the surface, we found the Junior Minions looking very shiny and a little more powerful, and doing their best to convince us that they hadn’t just been fighting lots of undead. Their best was not very good. But said undead had been trying to kill them, so fair enough.

We rested overnight and checked over the injured, then headed back into the sewers. The ghouls we’d killed were still there, some now with fresh toothmarks on their flesh. I suppose ghouls are cannibals? It stands to reason.

Up ahead, the tunnel opened out into a big circular room with several side passages branching off. We could see a pool in the middle, lower than our own level – and yet the water was flowing out, in defiance of physics.

Zakaroth, tracking, found a humanoid trail that cut off at the entrance to that room. He tried holding an arrow across the boundary and we experienced a peculiar optical effect – it appeared to bend, but straightened again when he pulled it back.

We suspected something similar to the boundary that we’d encountered at the Divine City – I think I shall call it a “phase boundary” from here – and Faye stuck her hand through. The air on the other side was more humid (cf. my notes from Divine City) and when we stepped through into the other phase there was an overwhelming sense of malevolence. The ceiling had breached, much of the graveyard had fallen into the chamber, and water was pouring in from above – hence the outflow, and a great deal of mist that made it hard to see.

Considering: these boundaries connect to worlds that parallel our own, but differ to some degree. Are they all connected to the same world, or each to a different one? The other-phase Divine City was also more humid – perhaps that’s a connection?

Of course, the humidity in this one might simply be due to the breached ceiling. But then again, the inflow in turn suggests a considerable rainfall up above, more so than in our own world, which would – again – suggest greater humidity.

Hmm. Now I wonder about the magical school we encountered just before Qurell’drel. Was that also a phase boundary? Chrysta was able to dispel it; perhaps we should have her try on one of these?

But before I could give further thought to such matters, we were attacked by two malevolent entities, some sort of incorporeal undead (wraiths? spectres?) They were hard to damage, and one hurt Zakaroth badly, but I got to try out my new haste spell with very satisfactory results. Eventually they fell before us and the feeling of malevolence dissipated, as did the phase barrier. I’m not sure if incorporeal undead can cross such things; perhaps they were trapped here?

Shiny points: 18 carried over, +1 for summary = 19.

The Goblin on the Rock
a traditional song, author unknown

A favourite of drunk tavern folk across the kingdom. Often the performance becomes faster as the song progresses

On an foggy day I went
To the goblin on the rock
And the goblin on the rock said “Aye” (Aye!)
With a burden on my back
And a sack of gold to share
“I’ve a problem back at home
Could a goblin help me there?”
And the goblin on the rock said “Aye” (Aye!)

“It’s the missus” did I say
To the goblin on the rock
And the goblin on the rock said “Aye” (Aye!)
“Yes the missus has me skint
Has me broken to the bone
Has me drinkin’ with the dullards
And sleeping all alone!”
And the goblin on the rock said “Aye” (Aye!)

“Could you spook her” did I say
To the goblin on the rock
And the goblin on the rock said “Aye” (Aye!)
“If you spooked her outta town
To the forests in the easts
And she never wandered back
I could marry who I please!”
And the goblin on the rock said “Aye” (Aye!)

With a whooping did I leave
From the goblin on the rock
And the goblin on the rock said “*Aye” (*Aye!)
*(sung as if from far away)
But as I went back to town
Found my wife upon a place
With her body on the ground
And a fright upon her face
… And the Goblin on the rock said “Aye” (Aye!)

Well the guardsman came along
To the place I found my wife
“It’s the goblin on the rock!” said I (…Aye?)
“Yes the goblin on the rock
Must have caused my wife’s demise
For I swear I never touched her
Can’t you see it in my eyes?
It’s the goblin on the rock, not I!”

And the guardsman laughed! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Now a foggy night it is
In the jail in the town
And the goblin on the rock says “Aye” (Aye!)
Oh the goblin on the rock
Who has visited this night
And has turned me to a villain
And has killed my wife with fright
Can you see I’ve learned my lesson
Never dabble with the Fae
Now a gallows comes before me
On my last and final day!
… And the goblin on the rock says “Aye. Bye!”

It's Fire, And It's Friendly

We came to a junction in the sewers, and left Zakaroth to guard our exit route while we explored the left-hand corridor. It was heavily littered with spiderwebs, but they all looked to be pretty old. Chrysta wanted to set fire to them, but we overruled her.

This branch of the tunnel ended abruptly at a point where the roof had collapsed, so we headed back to the junction and went on ahead. As we proceeded we began to notice a nasty, rotten sort of smell. Soon we met the cause: a pack of ghouls.

I’ve heard that ghouls sometimes know unspeakable secrets from before the dawn of humanity, which might be interesting just for curiosity’s sake, but if they had any unspeakable secrets they weren’t talking about them. Instead, they charged at us and attempted to eat us all. Not surprising, but disappointing. Anyway, Faye and Chrysta got stuck into them, Chrysta with the hammer that I’ve been enchanting for her, and I summoned up a celestial wolverine. Chrysta took a few hits and was briefly paralysed, but my wolverine killed the last of her assailants and then charged up the corridor to look for more.

We heard sounds of fighting up ahead, and then the spell winked out. Chrysta had a budget version of my Invisibility spell, useful only against undead, but in this case that seemed good enough; she healed the wounded and then cloaked Vall to go scout.

He reported that the wolverine appeared to have killed four more of the undead, but a group of four ghouls and four ghasts remained.

We planned an ambush, but not quite carefully enough. Vall successfully snuck around to the back of the group before realising that if he did break his invisibility by attacking, he would be taking on several attackers alone. I tried to give him some support by summoning a second wolverine to back him up (or perhaps it was the same one again?) but it was mobbed by the nasty smelly critters and didn’t last long to do much.

My flaming sphere proved more successful, and Chrysta was able to rout some of the undead by offering to talk to them about Pharasma. The rest were mobbing Faye and Chrysta so I took advantage of their clustering to cook several of them with a spray of fire. Unfortunately I also caught Chrysta in the flames, and she wasn’t very happy about it, but I figured she’d prefer good clean magical burns to nasty dirty ghoul scratches and bites.

Hmm. Perhaps I should offer her a discount on armour fireproofing?

We clobbered the remaining ghouls while Faye flailed ineffectually, and our heroism was rewarded when we found a good sum of gems among their effects. I’d estimate about six thousand gold’s worth.

And then we decided to withdraw for a night’s rest, since several of my companions were battered and Chrysta and I were low on magic.

Shiny points: 18 carried over, +1 for summary, -1 for a reroll = 18.

Sewers of Vallaise

We were curious about who would own the gold vein in Sanidine. I checked records; it seems the mineral rights had at one point been granted to the local duke, but had reverted to the Crown on his death. We have informed His Southern Majesty-For-Now about the discovery, and he said they’ll work something out with the locals.

(I do hope they are careful; if the basilisks were released by the same subsidence that made the vein visible, what else might they find when they dig?)

Not long after our return, a letter from Billy arrived, having taken some weeks to get to us. He informed us that a few other locals had received the spark of adventure – all well and good – but that Vallaise had recently encountered a “minor undead issue”.

So we agreed to head back to Vallaise to deal with things. We talked about cutting across country, but although a shorter distance it would have taken longer, so we agreed to repeat our previous journey: downriver to the sea, then south, and upstream to Vallaise, activating portal stones along the way. If circumstances allow, we may take the cross-country route on the way back, and see if we can’t activate more portal stones as we go.

We decided to take some of the junior adventurers with us for experience. There was considerable argument about Feryn, a gnome who’s one of Cayden’s devout; Faye of course was all for it, some of the others were rather less enthused about the prospect of drunken gnomish carousing, but in the end we agreed to take her.

We also took Drupatha, a dwarvish musician type; Syldic, a half-elf from the “legitimate businesslady” crowd; and of course Alessandra and Gerard.

Alessandra has acquired a wolf! I am not sure when or how this happened, but if I can be her foster-mother at sixteen then I suppose she can have a wolf, as long as she takes responsibility for it.

It took us five days to Pont’s Cove. While in Kelan, I had stocked up on an assortment of esoteric (and rather expensive) materials: eye of hawk, platinum thread, spider-silk, and so on and so forth. I spent some of my time working on projects for myself and for others.

As a result of this, Chrysta now has a sparkly hammer that glows and ought to hit rather harder than it once did. Vall’s bow does not glow at all, but should be likewise improved, and I have also made him some boots and a cloak to improve his stealth and climbing.

For myself, I have invested mostly in defence. I can’t see myself wearing heavy armour, but I was able to find an old shield of mithral, so light that I barely notice I’m wearing it. (Note to self: do not attempt to scratch nose with shield hand while wearing it.) I have added some protective enchantments to the shield, and also to a set of rather spiffy bracers. It might not stop an axe, but it ought to slow it down a little! Along with that I have enhanced my grandmother’s amulet with some more protections, and I’ve made myself a cloak that should ward off various other kinds of threat.

Perhaps most important of all, apart from the headband: I’ve been able to create a kind of extradimensional space accessed via a portal contained in a light pack, which allows me to carry the makings so I can work on new projects as we travel. I’m now working on a larger version to carry shared equipment for our party as a whole, although I haven’t been able to scale up the utility magic that keeps my own personal pack beautifully organised.

(Note to self: do not, under any circumstances, place one extradimensional storage inside another.)

On arrival in Pont’s Cove we saw lizard men arguing with the locals. Thankfully it was more of a friendly-ish trade negotiation than serious animosity; perhaps we have achieved something good there?

The boatmen wanted to charge us a rather large amount per person to travel upstream. We realised that we didn’t all need to travel on the boat; instead, we just sent Faye and Vall up on the boat to activate stones, while the rest of us occupied ourselves in Frentel.

A couple of weeks later, our advance party had made it to Vallaise, whereupon they ported back to us and we stepped through the portal into town. Billy and his band of junior heroes were there to meet us. He’s looking very comfortable with that old sword now.

It’s a good thing that Billy wrote to us when he did, and that we responded quickly. With travel times, it’s a little over a month since he sent his letter. During that time the undead threat has escalated and become “slightly taxing”.

We pressed him for details. It seems undead emerge from the town sewers every so often, mostly animated skeletons but occasionally some tougher creatures that sound like ghouls from his description.

Before diving in we thought it prudent to pay our respects to “Mother” at the teahouse, and to do some research. She told us that they appear to be coming from an old part of the sewers that the local Legitimate Businessmen don’t bother with, because it runs under the south-east part of the old city, which is now overgrown by forest.

We didn’t want to take the juniors with us into the sewers – too dangerous – and splitting them up to guard at the surface would have spread them dangerously thin, so we left them with Billy and co. and headed down.

Vallaise has quite impressive sewers, high enough to stand in, with raised walkways either side of the central stream. Heading into the older section, we found some suspicious tracks, some made by fleshy feet and others by bone. Eventually the tunnel began to smell bad, dirt and rot, and the torch began to gutter suggesting that we were reaching a pocket of stagnant air. I cast a gust of wind to stir it up, and although the smell worsened, the air became less dead.

Not long after that we heard movement from up ahead. Zakaroth shot a flaming arrow into the darkness, and we saw a throng of skeletons charging towards us. At the time it felt like dozens; from the remains left afterwards, I think it was about twenty in total.

I kept my spells in reserve, confident that my comrades could handle this threat, and indeed they did. The sheer force of numbers caused us some inconvenience but between Faye’s sword, Chrysta’s hammer, and Vall and Zakaroth shooting things, we took them down soon enough. I even stepped into the melee at one point to prevent them from crowding Faye too heavily; one or two of the undead took a swipe at me, but my protections held, and nobody else was too badly hurt.

Shiny points: 17 carried over, +1 for summary = 18.


After tossing around various names for our company, we settled on “The Pathfinders”. I’m not aware of any previous adventuring company of that name, and yet it seems somehow familiar.

I have spent most of the last month immersed in my work. It’s been hard going – securing peculiar ingredients, finding the patterns to lock the magic into permanent form, and not infrequently rinsing soot and sulfur out of my hair.

(Hm. I could undoubtedly afford to hire a maidservant to do the rinsing for me, and that would free up more time for pondering Ye Mysteries of Ye Eldritch. Or perhaps I could BUILD one! Maybe better practice the control mechanisms first.)

I did make time to take the junior wizards to the Celestial City, which is much greener than when we left it. The new temple forming in the central district is nearly complete now.

Faye, inevitably, attempted to make money by selling her transport services to rich sponsors. Zakaroth made himself scarce, presumably doing something or other shady.

Just after midwinter, a messenger came to me with word that the town of Sanidine had been having trouble with people disappearing. It’s one of the ones we passed on the way home, and we had already activated its portal stone – a coincidence that might be considered either “convenient” or “suspicious” depending on how one sees it.

I sent word to the rest of the Pathfinders, and we gathered at the Adventurers’ Guild, then portalled (is that a word?) to Sanidine.

Zakaroth wrote a contract for our investigative services, but I refused to sign it. Not without taking the time to read it first, and very likely not ever, where a disciple of Asmodeus is involved.

We found that six people had disappeared in the past week: a trader, then two farmers, then three other family members who’d gone to search for them.

The country is mostly flat farmland here, but with a hilly patch near where the disappearances had happened. It had recently experienced some subsidence, so obviously we decided to explore that.

Our first stop was a farmhouse where most of the missing people had lived. There was no sign that they’d left deliberately. Chrysta found some rocks containing a little gold, which makes them rather more interesting than normal rocks; they looked rough and dirty, more likely to have been dug from the ground than to have washed up in a river.

From there we went on to the site of the subsidence. The road had been built straight through a hilly section, and we found humanoid tracks leading down to a point below the road. Here we found humanoid tracks leading down to a point below the road, where we saw several people standing absolutely still.

At this point we started to throw around words like “petrifaction” and I sent an air elemental to scout. It reported back that there were statues, and lizardy tracks, which narrowed the options considerably.

We agreed to wait until daylight and Vall nipped back to the big smoke to get mirrors for all. The next day, we returned – rather cautiously – to find that we were indeed dealing with six statues that resembled the missing folk. We also found two sets of large tracks, and several smaller ones, leading to and from a small cave.

I’m happy to say that nobody felt any romantic obligation to principles of “fair play”, so they all assented to my plan of hanging a blanket over the cave mouth and smoking the scaly horrors out, assuming that they were currently inside. And if not, well, Faye had painted a fake face on the back of her head in case they snuck up behind us.

I cast a flight spell and hovered at a comfortable distance above the action, to watch in case the smoke revealed a second exit from the caves, and also in case any of the basilisks should come back from hunting and attack us.

Not long after that, the ground crew heard noises inside the cave, and then a basilisk attempted to burst through the blanket.

To cut a long story short, all the basilisks appear to have been inside the cave. They emerged one at a time, and we killed them very efficiently with no injury on our part. (Yes, the babies too; I would have been curious to try raising one but it seemed unwise.)

Inside the cave we found the remaining statues, and a vein of gold – presumably people had followed it, to their misfortune.

Folklore says that fresh basilisk’s blood can reverse the creature’s petrification ability, and so it was; we were able to bring all six people back to life, although we didn’t have quite enough to do the horse as well.

Some were rather injured, apparently having been nibbled by the basilisks while petrified, but Chrysta did what she could to heal them. Then we headed back to town and collected our reward. Job done!

Shiny points: 16 carried over, +1 for summary = 17.

Back To The Capital

Thanks to our ministrations, things were looking rather better in the Celestial City. Caiden Callean was no longer dying, and by my understanding that means the spark of heroism will no longer ebb. Combined with the reactivation of the portal stones, I suspect this bodes for…interesting times.

The City itself is changing; two of the temples are gradually moving further apart, as if to make room for a new one. I suspect this is Savana, goddess of illusion, and I wonder if that is the explanation for the mysterious fifth guard? When we returned to Iomedae’s temple, I found her presence remote. Perhaps the gods are catching up on hundreds of years of backlogged prayers and the like?

(Apparently Vall’s blade is named “Apology”. Jokes about “a heartfelt Apology” ensued.)

(Some geography, which I should have mentioned before: the capitals of the South and North Kingdoms are Kelan and Egara, respectively. The Divine City is within the city of Mastere, the old capital of the great kingdom Thela’an.)

Zakaroth has suggested forming a proper adventurers’ company; he was once part of the Company of the Brazen Fist. (Not to be confused with the Brazen Fisters, which is a house of moderate repute in Kelan.) Obviously, everybody immediately started suggesting inappropriate names.

(Note to self: check legalities of forming an adventurers’ company. Consider liability ramifications in particular.)

We decided to hasten back home, to let the King know as much as we were permitted of these new developments. On our way we returned to the “chasm”, which was now just a tiny divot, just as Chrysta had seen it before. Very interesting.

When we returned to the boat, we noticed some money changing hands among the guards who’d stayed behind. Apparently somebody had placed bets against us returning – oh well, their money. I asked about taking up a collection for the families of the four guards we lost, but apparently they will be taken care of by the Crowns for whom they worked.

On the way downriver we stopped to activate the portal stones as we passed, and I picked up some materials…I have worked out some tricks for binding magic into items, beginning with a headband that should assist my mental focus.

At the river mouth, we parted company with the Egaran soldiers. They will let their king know that the Celestial City is now open, and that there may well be need for meeting soon between the two kingdoms.

The trip back to Kelan went quickly and without incident. It was chilly, with winter starting to fall, but we were warmly clothed.

On our arrival in Kelan we made straight for the palace. We agreed not to activate the portal stone until we had first given some warning to the King, since we thought he might not appreciate us opening the city up to sudden unwelcome arrivals.

With Captain Bastian and Great-Uncle Andine present, we told the King as much as the gods had permitted, and discussed the plans for reuniting the kingdom. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this contingency had been anticipated. The older brother (that is, the king in the North) will inherit the rulership of the reunited kingdom, and His Southern Majesty will become a duke of the southern regions. He seemed comfortable with this arrangement, which was another pleasant surprise. Is it too much to hope that perhaps the reunification can be achieved without drama?

(Almost certainly yes, but a girl can hope.)

Apparently there are some complications with the idea of His Majesty-For-Now visiting Mastere; it seems that it does not lie within either the northern or southern kingdoms. One hopes that the two kings can arrange some mutually agreeable compromise.

(Incidentally, it seems a bit peculiar that the capital lay at the very edge of the old kingdom…but I suppose that would be less of an issue with working portal stones.)

I was pleased to see Alessandra and Gerard again, both looking well. Gerard has grown up noticeably in a few short weeks. I daresay they will both be out in the world getting into scrapes before we know it.

We found that many of the junior heroes are now wearing a hexagonal pin with an orb on it, and calling themselves “The New Generation”. I assume somebody is making good money out of this. We experimented surreptitiously with the portal stone and confirmed that they can’t activate it, only us. I expect that will change once they visit the Celestial City?

Re. portal stones: according to the records I’ve seen, there were about 500-600 in existence. About half of them are named; the others are blank or question marks. Hopefully once some of the young ‘uns have been to the City, they will be able to assist in reactivating the network.

I spent most of the next four weeks crafting. The materials are expensive, but luckily I found a rich sponsor. Lady Leandra, the King’s niece, wanted to improve her social skills; I already have a spell that provides confidence and magnetism on a short-term basis, but with a great deal of work I was able to bind it into a headband; the trick is similar to one that I’ve made for myself, but with a different focus. With what she paid, I was able to fund a great deal more work on my own account, and I’ve also been working on a few toys for my companions; more on that in a separate entry.

There is a big celebration scheduled for Midwinter, and I made sure to secure myself some fancy clothes for the occasion. Magical cleaning spells FTW!*

I also talked to the junior wizards. I’ve shared my spells with them (excepting the walking-skeletons one that Chrysta doesn’t need to know about) since research is expensive. If I help them, I hope they’ll be minded to share their own discoveries with me, and hopefully they’ll be a little less likely to blow themselves up re-inventing the Third Circle of Abjuration.

After Midwinter, the plan is to take Lord Andine and some of the old wizards (now Earls and Countesses) to the Celestial City. It must have been tremendously frustrating to reach their plateau so early and then be unable to move further, but I hope we can do something for them, as well as for our younger friends.

*For The Wizard.

Shiny points: 14 carried over, +1 for summary, +1 for the “heartfelt apologies” joke = 16.

Let Slip the Gods of Yore

We continued to jog towards the city limits. Vall scouted ahead and reported back: several of the teeth-eye-things were lying in ambush. Going around would have been time-consuming, so we decided to assault them head-on and thin out the opposition.

There were about a dozen of the kind we’d met before, and two more that seemed different; they still had the many-angled teeth/eyes thing happening, but they were bigger and moved more deliberately, seeming more solid.

Still, they went down quickly enough. Zakaroth shot one of the big ones repeatedly and it went down quickly, Vall killed another. Faye charged in and attracted a crowd of them (of course she did); they scratched her up a bit, but she did all right. I called up a sphere of fire, which might have been effective if they hadn’t kept dodging, and then I shot one with my crossbow.

I had been concerned that using magic might strengthen them (being thaumivores) but I thought it better to test that theory than remain uncertain, and it didn’t seem to be a problem. However, when Chrysta called up an earth elemental, she experienced unexpected pain – perhaps because the city is in another plane, summoning is affected?

Anyway, I moved in to help Faye and knocked out four of the critters with a colour spray. One of them hit me as I was casting, but I kept my concentration, and with that the fight was pretty much over, with my companions having taken care of the rest. As they died, they slipped back out of existence.

Curiously, the guards accompanying us hadn’t moved during the fight. Apparently, from their perspective the fight was over too quickly for them to see.

Moving on, we encountered another ambush. We dealt with it quickly enough, but Val took the opportunity to test the guards; he poked one fellow, who came to and joined the fight. It seems that we’re able to snap them out of it by interacting with them. Very peculiar.

Approaching the gate, we found the party we’d left at base camp, fighting something large and ugly. It was standing on the city side of the boundary, casting spells at them (which fizzled harmlessly at the boundary) and throwing rocks, which were rather more effective. It was an ugly creature: tall, humanoid, with broad shoulders. Zakaroth told us it was radiating strong evil – some kind of demon or devil?

I bolstered Faye’s strength, and we charged in. Faye, Vall, and Zakaroth hit it with a series of well-aimed strikes, and for want of anything better to do I plinked away with magic missiles. It showed surprising resilience and fought back, hitting Faye hard. I smacked it with my staff from a safe distance, and Chrysta woke up our accompanying guards, who finished it off.

We didn’t have to worry about the old “is it really dead?” question because it exploded very convincingly, showering us with corrosive ichor. I cast Prestidigitation, which cleaned it off me, but I felt a flare of pain in my fingers as I cast it; I suggested running past the threshold, and Faye did so; when she did, there was a blinding flash of light, a smell of pork, and the ichor was gone.

(At this point I vaguely noticed that there were five guards on the other side, not the four we had left, but I was still rather distracted and didn’t think to investigate this as I should have.)

Zakaroth rode past the portal, cried havoc, and released the gods. A line of lights linked him to the mountain, there was a loud crack, and things changed: now the air in the city was the same as on the outside, and the magical boundary was gone.

(Meanwhile, Faye was terrified that something was going to hunt her down and eat her. Hmm.)

Returning to the city we found it still abandoned, similar to its previous state, but the atmosphere was much less oppressive. We returned to the temple district, beginning with the temple of Iomedae; Faye called on her, and she responded, much faster than on our previous visit.

The gods told us that the demon had come from another realm, and was trying to take over. Iomedae advised me to go to the temple of Nethys, which I did.

Faye visited Cayden’s temple again. He was doing rather better; still bandaged, but no longer smelling of gangrene. Iomedae told us that his soul had been separated from his body, but now that they were reunited, the spark of heroism will remain in our world and will no longer fade as it had previously done.

(This, I suspect, is going to shake things up.)

Then Cayden challenged Faye to a drinking contest, which went much as you would expect.

Visiting Nethys’ temple, the feeling of presence was still weak; I called on him, and once more Iomedae-acting-for-Nethys appeared. She told me and Chrysta that the blockage resulting from his absence could be circumvented, and touched us lightly. I was overwhelmed by the sensation – as was Chrysta – and it was several hours before we regained consciousness, but I can tell you that it was VERY much worth it. As she had promised, the blockage was gone – no, not gone, but pushed aside, held at bay – and I felt new power coursing through me. Iomedae told me she had placed a permanent part of herself inside me.

(I hope Iomedae is not too easily shocked.)

Zakaroth visited the temple of Asmodeus and, I am informed, found him strengthened like Iomedae. I am not entirely sanguine about this.

Iomedae asked us, and I understand Asmodeus gave similar instructions, not to let the outside world know about the changes that had happened to the gods. If anybody else wants to know, they can come here and find out themselves.

More good news, which will certainly shake things up: the travelling-stones can now be reactivated, though not remotely; we will have to go on a little tour. There is one in the Celestial City and one in the outer city, and we tested them, so that’s a start!

Shiny points: 17 carried over, +1 for summary -4 for rerolling to get decent HP = 14.


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