The Twin Kingdoms

Mist and Shadows

When we returned to the surface, we found the Junior Minions looking very shiny and a little more powerful, and doing their best to convince us that they hadn’t just been fighting lots of undead. Their best was not very good. But said undead had been trying to kill them, so fair enough.

We rested overnight and checked over the injured, then headed back into the sewers. The ghouls we’d killed were still there, some now with fresh toothmarks on their flesh. I suppose ghouls are cannibals? It stands to reason.

Up ahead, the tunnel opened out into a big circular room with several side passages branching off. We could see a pool in the middle, lower than our own level – and yet the water was flowing out, in defiance of physics.

Zakaroth, tracking, found a humanoid trail that cut off at the entrance to that room. He tried holding an arrow across the boundary and we experienced a peculiar optical effect – it appeared to bend, but straightened again when he pulled it back.

We suspected something similar to the boundary that we’d encountered at the Divine City – I think I shall call it a “phase boundary” from here – and Faye stuck her hand through. The air on the other side was more humid (cf. my notes from Divine City) and when we stepped through into the other phase there was an overwhelming sense of malevolence. The ceiling had breached, much of the graveyard had fallen into the chamber, and water was pouring in from above – hence the outflow, and a great deal of mist that made it hard to see.

Considering: these boundaries connect to worlds that parallel our own, but differ to some degree. Are they all connected to the same world, or each to a different one? The other-phase Divine City was also more humid – perhaps that’s a connection?

Of course, the humidity in this one might simply be due to the breached ceiling. But then again, the inflow in turn suggests a considerable rainfall up above, more so than in our own world, which would – again – suggest greater humidity.

Hmm. Now I wonder about the magical school we encountered just before Qurell’drel. Was that also a phase boundary? Chrysta was able to dispel it; perhaps we should have her try on one of these?

But before I could give further thought to such matters, we were attacked by two malevolent entities, some sort of incorporeal undead (wraiths? spectres?) They were hard to damage, and one hurt Zakaroth badly, but I got to try out my new haste spell with very satisfactory results. Eventually they fell before us and the feeling of malevolence dissipated, as did the phase barrier. I’m not sure if incorporeal undead can cross such things; perhaps they were trapped here?

Shiny points: 18 carried over, +1 for summary = 19.



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