The Twin Kingdoms

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fearsome monster in possession of a good fortune must be in need of heroic adventurers to relieve it of its material burdens. And so, having slain the spectral menaces, we turned to looting the room, impeded somewhat by the water that was still bucketing down from the ceiling.

We could see the water pouring from a pipe above. Our best guess was that the pipe had cracked at some point, and the resulting leakage had washed out the ceiling, causing a large chunk of the graveyard to collapse into the chamber. This had separated some of the bodies from their effects, which led to a brief and mutually satisfactory exercise in rationalisation on how it wasn’t grave robbing to take said effects.

We found some extremely old swords (Vall kept a hilt; the rest crumbled away) and two breastplates that were rather better preserved, but more valuable as collectors’ items than as practical armour, both with a device that turned out to be the old mon’Valla family crest. We also found some old coins – about eight hundred years old, in fact – also worth more to a collector than their face value.

After this, we decided to investigate the hole in the ceiling. Vall climbed up first, then Faye, and they pulled me and Chrysta up on a rope. Chrysta noticed some very old masonry, and tree roots in the dirt, probably the cause of the damaged pipe.

Chrysta wanted to investigate the pipes, but none of the rest of us were very keen on crawling down a narrow damp space. Instead we made our way to the surface. We found a forested area, badly overgrown – presumably part of the old city, before the town shrank. At this point I still wasn’t sure which phase we might be in, so I cast a flight spell and flew back to the town, confirming that it was as I remembered it. I returned to the group and we walked back to town to rest overnight.

We returned to the sewers the next day, Junior Minions in tow, to check whether the problem had been adequately dealt with. There were a few wandering skeletons, easily dealt with, and nothing more; barring further trouble, I think we can consider this resolved.

Now that we had more time, we checked through the main chamber more thoroughly. There were outflow pipes in the pool, but all were blocked up – well, that’s what water elementals are for. Chrysta and I summoned some little splashy minions, they unclogged one of the pipes, and the water drained out.

In the remaining muck we found several bones – probably about enough to assemble four or five skeletons with a few extra skulls. Chrysta glared at me when I suggested piling the bones up in an aesthetically pleasing pattern – look, not all found-object art is inherently evil, dammit!

We also found some coins (which we shared with Junior Minions) and a couple of nice magic items. There was a ring of invisibility, which no doubt Vall will cherish, and an amulet of punching things really hard. While I daresay it would have come in handy when Faye snores, we decided it would be more useful to Junior Adventurer Ann, the monk. So we have decided to donate it to charity.

(also, Ann is kind of cute, in a stern-and-serious sort of way, but don’t tell her I said that.)

Shiny points: 19 carried over, +1 for summary = 20.



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